Our Team

Based in KL

We’re Small, But Strong

Web development agencies the world over want you to believe that you need a massive company to build your website. They’ll talk you into features you don’t need, or worse, give you all the things you ask for (even if you don’t need them to be successful). Why? Large agencies get large by churning through as many clients, as fast as possible.

We don’t operate that way.

How We Work

We believe in a straight forward, methodical approach that involves figuring out what you need to successfully engage with customers. Before we quote a project, we take the time to understand what your needs are, how that relates to your overall budget, and whether or not those needs fit with our experience. We don’t oversell our capabilities, and we only work with clients who want to leverage our expertise in ecommerce.

Simple, right? 

Our Very Special People

Mohamed Fariq
Shane Park
Digital Marketing

What our clients say

(we like them, too).

Kuala Lumpur-Shopify-Theme-Design-Client-Work-Love-Letters

“We were amazed by the talent, efficiency and turnaround time of Webdevd. We asked them turnaround our site in a month. They accepted the challenge and created a functional time-line for our site to stay on task. Days prior to our site launching we spent 4 hours with them walking us through our site, educating us on how to navigate the site and making necessary edits.

The day of the site launch Fariq called us numerous times to check in on the launch and was available for all questions and concerns. Webdevd continues to be present and available to address our concerns and have been instrumental in helping our business take this next step. We would recommend Webdevd to any business. Thank you!”


“Working with Webdevd was absolutely phenomenal. They’re a top-notch team who cares deeply about delivering beautiful results along with excellent customer service. We were in the midst of our rebrand and also migrating from Squarespace to Shopify.

They built our new website from start to finish, managed the project efficiently, all while coaching us, providing training, and being responsive to any and all questions. We couldn’t have asked for more from Fariq and his team. Our website is living proof! We highly recommend them.”